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What do you do if your patient reports halitosis? As you know, there are a number of potential causes for this condition, such as food, tobacco use, dry mouth, medications, and more. Lucky for us in the dental profession, we can be a safe space for patients to chat with you about their concerns and help improve their quality of life. Let’s break down a few of the causes of bad breath, what we can do as professionals to help, and how patients can manage their symptoms at home.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease (NPD formerly known as NUG/NUP) is a condition that can be very painful, life altering, and can greatly affect halitosis. In this condition, the tissue is dying and decaying which creates a malodor in the mouth. Luckily with therapy of improved home care and stress reduction protocols, full mouth bacteria reduction through full mouth debridement or periodontal therapy, and proper tongue cleaning at home, we can help the patient with their condition which will improve their halitosis. 

Another possible cause of halitosis is a digestive issue such as GERD, acid reflux, peptic ulcers etc. Consider a referral to their physician and a registered dietitian if the halitosis continues and all dental issues have been resolved; as well as their tongue, teeth and gingival care at home are being done well.  

With any of causes of bad breath the first place to start is usually to have the patient start cleaning their tongue. We all know that the tongue can trap high levels of bacteria, and maintaining the flora of the tongue is key to decreasing halitosis. Making tongue cleaning easy for your patient is critical to make sure they actually follow through with your recommendation. Enter Tokii- an all in 1 system to help your patients keep their teeth, gingiva, and tongue clean at home.

Have you been educating your patients about bad breath and tongue health? What has worked/hasn’t worked for you?

Learn more about proper tongue cleaning techniques to teach your patients in our latest video that features the Tokii 2 in 1 toothbrush and tongue cleaner


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