Verona Family Dental and Matthew Hostetler, DDS merging:

Two local dentists are combining their practices under one roof starting early next year.

Dr. Matthew Hostetler, who runs a self-named practice, and his wife Dr. Kelsey Patton of Verona Family Dental, are building a new facility at 787 Liberty Drive with the intention to better serve their patients.

“The biggest thing we want people to know is that the practice is privately owned by my wife and myself, which is getting more and more rare,” Hostetler told the Press. “Larger DSOs are coming in and buying up private practices and instilling more of a corporate mindset to dentistry. Since we are privately owned, we are able to take time and develop relationships with our patients which allows us to better understand their goals and better care for their dental needs. We also live in Verona so we are able to invest in the community we serve, whether that is going to a local grocery store, restaurant, or sponsoring local events.”

The new “state-of-the-art” 4,340-square-foot facility broke ground on Friday, July 15. The new family dental clinic will be built from the ground-up in the Liberty Business Park

Keller, Inc. are constructing the building. Construction will be completed in December, project manager Chad Ferguson told the Press.

“The new facility will make the day-to-day tasks more efficient since we will be under one roof,” Hostetler said. “Most patients who used to have to travel to a specialist in Madison for extractions, implants and root canals can now be treated here in Verona. Right now, I think the timeline to move into the new building is January 2023.”

All of their current employees are coming with them, so the pair will not have an immediate need for hiring, however, the building will be constructed for growth, so as they continue to grow, there will be a need to hire more employees down the road, Hostetler said.

Patton’s current location at 271 S. Main St. is a lease situation, so she will simply move out.

Hostetler owns his own condo space from which he operates out of at 161 Horizon Drive, and his hope is he will be able to find a specialist looking for a Verona location, otherwise he will list the location for sale or lease.

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