National Inspirational Role Models Month-Christine Griffin, RDH, MS — Hygiene Edge


November is National Inspirational Role Models Month. This is a month to appreciate the educators in our lives who set positive examples we aspire to emulate. Role models perform vital functions through their character, accomplishments, and behavior.  They show us what’s possible in life. Below is a nominated educator that we are very excited to recognize for her dedication.  

Christine Griffin, RDH, MS

Her nominator stated: Christine Griffin is an educator at Community College of Philadelphia and is a FORCE as a hygienist and instructor. She is the most understanding, open, and compassionate instructor and clinician. Due to her expertise, my instrumentation, radiographs, patient education, time management, preventative agent placement, and knowledge has helped me not only succeed, but also pave my own path in the dental field in Philadelphia. She has not only helped me discover my absolute passion for preventative dentistry, but continues to push me in expanding upon my skills while developing into an educator.


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