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So we’ve all seen the amazing trends that come out of TikTok. And when I say amazing I mean sometimes very questionable. Whiten your teeth with magic erasers? Yikes. Closing your diastema with a little elastic or a piece of floss? Oh dear. But, have you seen the latest one of taping your mouth shut as you sleep? This is actually a trend that I can get behind since there is supportive research behind it. We all know that breathing through your nose is healthier than breathing through your mouth. We can get deeper breaths, stay healthier, and ultimately fall asleep and stay asleep longer. It also helps keep the mouth close as you sleep, preventing dry mouth throughout the night and when you wake up. This is a great option for patients that want to try something to improve their sleep that is very non-invasive.

Now, what mouth tape should they use? Not all mouth tape is the same due to the materials used, the effectiveness of the tape, or the comfort for your patient. You definitely want to make sure your patients are using a mouth tape that’s comfortable  to the skin, easy to remove, and safe to use when sleeping . We have tried out several different types, and honestly I love OI Tape the best. It comes off easily, doesn’t pull the skin, and actually can be used on patients if they have a beard or mustache. Most brands recommend the patient shave before use. It is definitely something worth checking out if you or your patients are having a hard time sleeping, tend to snore, or wake up with dry mouth every morning. 

Have you tried mouth taping before, or have patients ask about it?

xoxo, Melia RDH

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