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Haven’t heard of us yet?  That’s ok, we are new! 

Hygiene Elevated is a dental consulting firm est. 2021. 

Our mission is to inspire and educate dental professions. Elevating the level of care they provide to the community they serve, while simultaneously increasing production for the dental practice.

Our vision for Hygiene Elevated is to become a must have for dentists who want to see their level of patient care grow and production increase.

Hygiene Elevated is determined to continue earning a credible reputation within the dental industry. We strive to provide incredible results for each of our clients by creating a customized coaching plan that fits within the culture of their office.

Just a few company gems: 

  • Doctors will produce more for the rest of their careers after working with Hygiene Elevated.

  • We are growing! Our team currently consists of two consultants (one hygiene focused and one front office focused), a social media manager, and a software engineer. 

How did you come up with the idea? 

My passion for dental hygiene continues to grow year after year, it’s practically an obsession! 

I reached a point in my career where I wanted to do more for the community, more for the profession outside of my op. I realized my niche is coaching other dental professionals. It’s very rewarding to share my passion for hygiene and improve the level of care being provided in other dental offices. 

-Joffree bunleang, RDH 

How does this benefit hygienists? 

Let us ask the hygienists just a few questions. 

  • Looking for personal growth? 

  • Wishing your patients said yes more often to your recommendations? 

  • Interested in learning something new? 

  • Curious to know where your office can improve? 

  • Want to gain more knowledge on products? 

  • Running double hygiene and frustrated with your assistant? 

  • Would you like to get your team on the same page? 

  • Need guidance on how to stage and grade patients? 

  • Want to see a boost in office morale? 

  • Would you like to see an increase in office production? 

  • What about a bonus structure implemented in the office? 

  • Reduce your cancellation rate? 

  • Want some recognition for all your hard work? 

I am sure you said yes to at least one of these! 

The skills you will gain from Hygiene Elevated will last you your entire career. We know you are already a great provider. We also know there is always room for improvement. Let us come to your office and highlight all your strengths and help the clinic improve in other areas. 

See what other hygienists are saying: 

Joffree has been amazing to work with! The hygiene department at Almond Dental runs smooth and is very organized. She has worked with me on communicating professionally with patients on ways to improve their oral health. With her tips and tricks I have found that my patient acceptance rate has increased and I feel more confident offering products to help my patients. Overall, she helped me become a better dental hygienist.

Brittan Kennedy, RDH

Joffree is amazing! She is always making everyone’s needs a priority in her life. She cares deeply for her patients, always helps out the team (hygienists and assistants alike) and is motivated to help the doctors shine as bright as the sun. She is always looking for innovative ways to improve everyone’s life. When I met Joffree I was unsure of myself as a recent COVID graduate. Joffree was always there to encourage me and support me as a fellow hygienist. She is always available if I have any questions or just need a second opinion. She has been looking out for me even when we’re not directly working together. She is an inspiration to me and never makes me feel inadequate with my questions. She is an excellent mentor, clinician and friend. Anything she gets involved in is set to improve and grow with her care and charming smile.

-Cherise McAlister, RDH

Curious to see what we can do for your office? 

Call us to schedule an initial consultation. 


Follow us on instagram @hygiene.elevated 

Check out our website HygieneElevated.com 

Email us anytime! [email protected]


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