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One of my favorite things about in person conferences is in person conversations and the creating potential of those conversations. That creating potential is also called networking and I love to network in person. I asked some friends advice on how to network at conferences and here is what they had to say:

“This is my tip to network, bring business cards and get business cards. Everyone that you get a business card from, when you get home, follow up with and email them. This will bring you together!” Amanda Hill, RDH

“My tip for networking is to always say “yes”… saying yes to opportunities and talking to people.” Amber Lovatos , RDH

“My tip for networking is to always give more than you take. So, when you are trying to network, you are actually trying to build a relationship with people and not just use them. So, it’s important to become friends with people and smile.” Kari Carter-Cherelus, RDH

“Go to all of the events. Introduce yourself to people. Get in a mix of people you don’t know and say “hi”. An Chih Do, RDH

“Just say “yes”. Just say “hi” to everybody. Maybe stalk them a little bit on Facebook beforehand and congratulate them for whatever roles that they just got put into.” Jeanette Lalli, RDH

A recurring theme I found in talking with people about networking was the power of the word “yes.” Saying “yes” to attending an in person conference to begin with and then saying yes to opportunities to network. Remember networking is just meeting people with the potential of creating something AMAZING with them. We are better together and when we collaborate, all of us win. Say “YES” to your dreams and go out there and meet the people that will help you achieve them.


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