How Delta Dental is Helping to Improve the Oral Health of Communities Across the Country

Delta Dental, a national dental insurance provider, is committed to improving the oral health of communities across the country. The company has been in the business for over 60 years and has become one of the most trusted providers of dental benefits to individuals and employers.

One of Delta Dental’s goals is to increase access to dental care, especially for underserved populations. To accomplish this, the company has launched a number of initiatives and programs that focus on preventive care, education, and outreach.

Delta Dental’s Smile Coach is a mobile app that provides users with tips and tricks for maintaining good oral health. The app includes a toothbrush timer, advice on which foods are good for teeth, and reminders to schedule dental appointments.

The company also offers a variety of dental health education programs for schools, community organizations, and workplaces. These programs cover topics such as oral hygiene, nutrition, and the importance of regular dental care. Delta Dental’s mobile dental clinic and the Smile van program provide dental care and education to children and adults in underserved communities.

Delta Dental has also established partnerships with organizations to help fund dental clinics and provide free or low-cost dental care to those in need. Through their partnership with America’s ToothFairy, Delta Dental has contributed over $7.8 million to programs that provide dental care to at-risk children.

In addition to their community outreach efforts, Delta Dental offers a variety of dental plans that focus on prevention and early intervention. These plans cover routine cleanings, X-rays, and other preventive procedures at little or no cost to the insured. This emphasis on prevention helps ensure that dental issues are addressed before they become major problems, which can be both costly and painful.

Delta Dental is committed to improving the oral health of communities across the country through their various initiatives and programs. By providing access to dental care, educating individuals about good oral hygiene practices, and promoting preventive care, Delta Dental is helping to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy, happy smile.

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