Do You Know Your Embrasure Space Classifications? — Hygiene Edge


Honestly I didn’t remember that there were classifications of the embrasure space until I was teaching information about assessments. I thought others may like a review of this important space as well. 

That interdental papilla is meant to deflect food and reduce the forces placed on the periodontium during chewing. It also provides a self-cleaning area so that food doesn’t get stuck between the teeth as well. When this space is not full of that important tissue it can lead to other issues with the periodontium and with caries. 

Reasons why patients get embrasure spaces are multifaceted. It could be their homecare habits, ortho, bruxism, or periodontal infections and diseases. Be sure to ask those follow up questions to determine how to prevent it from progressing. 

Encourage your patients to care for them with interproximal brushes, waterpiks, floss and electric toothbrushes, depending on your patients needs and severity. 

Consider documenting those embrasure classifications along with the oral hygiene education you provided.


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