Dental Implant Patient’s Video Testimonial


After a lifetime of crowns, root canals and complications with his teeth, Paul finally decided enough was enough and scheduled New Teeth Now’s full mouth dental implant procedure. He was asleep by general anesthesia for all 28 tooth extractions, including three wisdom teeth. He left the same day with a whole new set of teeth placed on ten implants. He recovered from the procedure–“bada bing!” He only needed to take a few over-the-counter pain pills on the first evening of his recovery. After six years, he’s still ecstatic about his new smile, and he loves to share his story with others who are considering New Teeth Now.

Here are some of the highlighted topics Paul covers while speaking and taking questions:

  • What it’s like to go home with the first set of teeth on the day of surgery
  • How the final teeth are made and what they’re made from
  • The comfort and ease of having zygomatic implants
  • What happens whenever he goes through a metal detector

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Paul only four years ago today, with an update on how his life had changed for the better since having the New Teeth Now procedure. Learn more about Paul from his interview below.

Would you like to see more? We have a library of patient stories over on our testimonial page. Check it out!


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