Cost of Zygomatic Dental Implants


When you request an estimate from us on the website or over the phone, you’ll receive a price range to help you budget for the procedure. Once you have your consult, you’ll receive the final price with no hidden fees or surprises.

Unlike other offices, where the quality of care varies widely, we have a consistent reputation for excellence in performing implant restorations. This is especially notable for patients who have severe bone loss.

As already mentioned, the first quote you receive for New Teeth Now is for your total treatment from start to finish, with no additional fees added on later. This is the base cost. At other offices, you may need several quotes coming from each of the many professionals involved with your treatment.

However, our base estimate will already include all of the following:

  • All extractions (if any)
  • Traditional implants
  • Abutments
  • Professional general anesthesia
  • Two sets of teeth (healing set and final set)
  • Two years of follow-up care

These are all-inclusive with the base price. There is no charge based on the number of traditional implants or abutments you will need. Similarly, not needing extractions will not reduce the price of the procedure.

The primary factors affecting cost are related to severity of bone loss and the extent of intervention to create a secure base for your new prosthetics. At the consultation, your oral surgeon will be able to tell how much intervention is necessary due to bone loss.

Our pricing is not permanently set, as it can be affected by service and material expenses. Please contact us today to lock-in our current pricing for the year, and for additional information about the New Teeth Now procedure.


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