Clinical Attachment Levels (CAL) in Dental Hygiene — Hygiene Edge


So how does one measure interproximal CAL? Check out our VIDEO. If you need a refresher on how to measure clinical attachment loss on the buccal and linguals of teeth, definitely check out this VIDEO.

Am I measuring and documenting CAL in my practice? I am currently sticking to my trusty probe depths, but I do keep in mind how much gingiva is above the CEJ when determining my AAP classifications. If I have a 5mm pocket with no recession, that patient still may only have 1-2m interproximal CAL as there may be 3 mm of gingiva above the CEJ (5-3=2) and therefore is an AAP classification I. 

A special note to consider: as technology improves , we may see a change from measuring probe depths to interproximal CAL. Hopefully these changes will make it a bit easier!


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