Better Than 4! Superior, All-on-4® Alternative

Within the dental care community, the All-on-4® brand is sometimes used interchangeably with a full mouth, implant-based restoration, in a similar way that Kleenex® is associated with tissues.

But it’s important to recognize that while providing a similar solution, the All-on-4® treatment concept is not the same as the New Teeth Now process. Why? Because, simply put, four implants is not enough!

What Is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a surgical protocol designed by dental implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare as a teachable solution to provide graft-less, full-mouth restorations for patients who need to replace all or most of their teeth. Their products and services have contributed to an increased public awareness of how dental implants can help someone recover from debilitating oral health issues.

When used conversationally, the trademark often refers to the placement of four dental implants, primarily toward the front of the lower jaw. A set of teeth is fabricated that typically goes from the lower molar on the left to the lower molar on the right. These teeth are fixed into the mouth. The person cannot take the teeth in or out; they are actually screwed down onto the implants. The All-on-4® procedure can benefit patients in need of lower teeth, upper teeth or even a full mouth of implant-supported teeth.

Franchises and overseas practices have built reputations on providing four-implant, full mouth restorations. Keep in mind that just because a clinic or dental office provides All-on-4® does not mean they have qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeons providing care.

Who Benefits from All-on-4®?

Many different kinds of patients can fall into the category of needing implants. A person who is miserable with dentures or has a mouth of badly decayed or painful teeth, or a person with bone loss could all be great candidates for implant treatment.

As the dental industry has progressed, more and more people are looking to dental implants as the initial solution in contrast to dentures. Our surgeons have seen this transition over the years and have seen many patients benefit from the All-on-4® process. However, it’s important to note that there are even better dental implant procedure options out there.

We hear from many patients who have researched All-on-4® who tell us that they’ve been turned away by other surgeons due to insufficient bone. And many of these same patients will later leave our office with a restored smile, and a functional set of brand-new teeth.

New Teeth Now Provides Exceptional Care for Bone Loss Patients

A person’s oral health rarely follows hard and fast rules, especially once things get to the point where one of our oral surgeons will need to replace most or all of their teeth with implants.

While the New Teeth Now process will have the teeth prosthetic placed on as few as four implants, our oral surgeons will not limit treatment to this approach. In fact, it is very rare for us to rely on only four implants when anchoring to the upper jaw. When sufficient bone is available in the jaw, our surgeons often recommend at least six implants to secure a bridge. In cases of severe bone loss, they will likely recommend specialized zygomatic implants to further guarantee sufficient support for the upper bridge.

Zygomatic implants are specialized implants placed into the cheekbone. There are a select few surgeons in the world with the expertise to perform this type of surgery. Our surgeons at New Teeth Now are qualified and have been routinely performing the procedure with zygomatic implants for many years.

Why Are Six Implants Better than Four?

Our surgeons agree that having six implants is much more reliable than just four. With two additional implants securing each arch, the six-implant option provides our patients with a much stronger foundation to support their new teeth. This works especially well for patients with additional bone available to support the upper or lower arch. Each case requires careful considerations including the number of implants, the angle of each implant, and the type of implants and abutments most suitable to provide long-term support. The new terms All on 6 and All on X refer to the options that our doctors often use to treat their patients, as they also lead other dental professionals to take note of this approach.

All in One Day, All in One Location

New Teeth Now’s in-house lab is located within the same facility as our Lakeland office. Designing your smile is a guided discussion. Our restorative doctors are available throughout the process to help set expectations while we craft your custom smile with you. While you’re working out the details with the doctor, the restorative team is right across the hall hard at work designing custom teeth for you and our other patients.

Our Commitment to You

As an American-owned and operated business, the New Teeth Now process has been developed and refined by the same surgeons who guide our patients from consult date all the way to the day of surgery. Our surgeons are patient-first innovators devoted to providing only the highest quality of care.

To be able to smile comfortably and chew your food is such an important part of life. This is something people don’t realize until that one simple thing is taken away from them. We do care and we are committed to finding a functional, effective and safe treatment plan whenever possible. This is why our surgeons go to great lengths to find dental implant solutions for patients with severe bone loss and advanced periodontal disease.


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