Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for TruSmile Same Day Dental Implants. Sponsored by: TruSmile Dental Implant Center

SAN DIEGO — These days taking care of your smile is even more important. If you’ve been putting off dealing with missing or failing teeth, now is the time to do something about it. Dr. Miguel Estrella and Dr. Jaime Estrella with TruSmile Dental Implant Center join our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about solutions to get that brilliant smile back and get back to living.

“Your oral health relates and connects directly to your overall health, especially linking how gum disease and bacteria in your mouth affect heart disease, seizures, Alzheimer’s, digestive problems, even to the point of depression,” said Dr. Miguel Estrella.

At TruSmile Dental Implant Center, their team offers high-tech permanent solutions and options to meet your personal, medical and financial needs.

The TruSmile Doctors have been helping San Diego and Chula Vista area residents for more than 15 years. The Estrella brothers come from a family of dentists.

They have carried on their parent’s legacy by dedicating their lives to restoring and creating beautiful smiles, a truly transformational experience for their patients.

“We basically customize a plan. And in one day, we give them a full set of fixed implant-supported teeth for the rest of their life,” said Dr. Jaime Estrella. “If we can be part of their life, that little change that makes them better, that’s huge for us.”

Their patient Carrie had shopped around, investing a lot of money with minimal results before she met the TruSmile doctors. She says the TruSmile doctors helped give her hope and meaningful results.

“I feel like I look younger. I smile more. I’m more confident, just overall happier. Thanks to these guys they made it happen.”

If you’re looking for a complete, fixed-in-place solution for missing or uncomfortable dentures, call TruSmile for a free consultation at (619) 485-9905. The team at TruSmile has a special offer for San Diego Living viewers – $1,000 off.

Don’t put off your health and well-being. Take advantage of that savings and call the doctors today.



$1,000 off treatment for qualified candidates

Sponsored by: TruSmile Dental Implant Center

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