Affordable Care supports the Advanced Dental Implant Center network

Advanced Dental Implant Center-affiliated doctors have access to a topnotch, 30,000-square-foot training facility with an impressive array of live surgical training and implant courses.

There is no substitute for proven experience.

”Trust and transparency.”

Cameron Murray, President of Advanced Dental Implant Center, explains, “We are building relationships with advanced implant doctors based on that solid foundation.”

Supported by Affordable Care, which is the nation’s largest dental support organization (DSO) exclusively focused on tooth replacement, the Advanced Dental Implant Center network is a rapidly-growing supported dental network within Affordable Care, comprised of general dentists with extensive implant experience, oral surgeons, periodontists, and prosthodontists — all focused on delivering advanced dental implant solutions to patients while leveraging Affordable Care’s long history of proven innovation, expertise, service, and results.

Cameron Murray President of Advanced
Cameron Murray, President of Advanced Dental Implant Center

“With the number of new entrants in the implant dentistry market that are trying to purchase and serve dental practices, it’s important now more than ever for dentists to really take a critical look when affiliating their dental practice,” explains Murray. “I transparently talk with dentists on a daily basis, and it’s pretty incredible to hear what they are being told. The bottom line is that financial stability, proven track record, and depth of experience matter when looking to affiliate. We understand this is an important decision for doctors, and we help them carefully vet options because joining the latest upstart or private equity firm looking to flip for a quick profit, may not be in their long-term best interest.”

He adds, “If the Advanced Dental Implant Center network is a good fit for all involved and provides dentists with what they need both financially and from a relationship perspective, then we do whatever we can to help make it happen, and to help dentists work toward the goals they want to achieve by affiliating their practice.”

“I was in the exact same place as dentists who we talk with,” shares Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, Chief Clinical Officer of Advanced Dental Implant Center. “I built and managed a successful fixed-arch clinic but was ready to expand to the next level professionally and explore more opportunities as an implant surgeon.”

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw Chief Clinical Officer of
Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, Chief Clinical Officer of Advanced Dental Implant Center

He explains, “I could have affiliated my practice with multiple DSOs or a new upstart, but I chose to affiliate with Affordable Care because they actually had the experience and results to show me, including successful liquidity events. To this day, the affiliated practice is thriving, and I’ve had more opportunities for myself as a doctor than if I stayed running my own independent practice.”

One of the largest providers of dental implants

The Advanced Dental Implant Center network is backed and supported by Affordable Care, which is one of the nation’s largest providers of dental implants. “We have been at the forefront of tooth replacement innovation for nearly 50 years,” says Murray.

Founded in 1975, Affordable Care serves more than 600 doctors in 425 dental practices across 43 states — all focused on tooth replacement.

“We’ve seen a number of newly established players trying to enter the implant market because they think it’s a hot segment in dentistry, but they are really just chasing short-term financial gains for the promoters, without understanding what it takes to operate and integrate the business for the benefit of dentists,” explains Murray. “We have actually been doing it very well for nearly 50 years, helping affiliated dentists achieve consistently strong financial returns.”

Murray adds, “When you look across the continuum of services provided to doctors by Affordable Care, the experience behind those services is deep, with five decades of constant innovation. That is a significant differentiator and advantage for doctors who affiliate with the Advanced Dental Implant Center network.”

The time-tested support and services provided by Affordable Care to Advanced Dental Implant Center affiliated practices includes:

  • Clinical advancement: Led by a clinical leadership team of dentists with world-class implant experience, a dedicated group is focused on building an engaged doctor community through education and advancement, including industry-leading CE training and mentorship Advanced Dental Implant Center-affiliated doctors and their associates have access to a top-notch, 30,000-square-foot training facility, supported by Affordable Care and operated by The Pathway. At this Arizona-based facility, an impressive array of live surgical training and implant courses are led by leaders in the field, including dentists from within the Advanced Dental Implant Center network.
  • Laboratory: With one of the largest networks of lab technicians in the U.S., a team of experienced laboratory professionals provide training and lab support for affiliated dental practices, especially practices that are looking to transition to a digital workflow.
  • Information Technology: Advanced IT services include world-class security solutions, enterprise network upgrades, and a dedicated team to provide practices with responsive IT support.
  • Finance: Accounting and financial management services help doctors manage their practices to achieve maximum financial performance.
  • HR/Recruiting: Dedicated team is focused on doctor and practice staff recruitment services to help attract and retain top talent and support clinic HR functions.
  • Marketing: Integrated marketing professionals and call center support leverage years of patient data from serving more than 8-million patients to provide marketing strategies and tactics that increase brand awareness and patient flow for advanced implant providers.
  • Operations: Dedicated integration and operations teams apply decades of experience working with private practices, fixed-arch specialty practices, and a range of DSOs to provide affiliated practices with on-the-ground support and operational insight to help drive continued growth and efficiency.
  • Real estate management: Experienced experts in de novo set-up, site selection, and lease management support lease negotiations and owner management.
  • Research and development: Multi-site clinical trial and pilot testing programs, including digital dentistry, engage affiliated doctors to help advance the latest dental technologies.
  • Staff training and development: Trainers focus on increasing the skills of practice dental staff to help make an impact inside clinics for dentists and their teams.
  • Supply chain: As the founder of the largest dental Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the U.S. that is focused exclusively on servicing dental practices, known as Sevaredent Sourcing Solutions, significant cost savings on clinic supplies and professional services are available to affiliated dentists.

“Out of the different DSOs that were offering to affiliate with my practice, I felt the Advanced Dental Implant Center network, supported by Affordable Care, had the best reputation,” shares Dr. Peyman Raissi, who affiliated his My New Smile Dental practice and has maintained his local brand. “I had a blast building my practice from scratch and grew it to a level where I felt it was important to have a solid support group to take care of everything in the office except clinical care so I could practice what I love daily free of stress.”

Dr. Peyman Raissi
Dr. Peyman Raissi

He adds, “I’m now part of something bigger, and ultimately, very happy with my decision to join an excellent community of clinicians across the nation.”

Building a legacy with you

As part of a community of more than 600 dentists, Advanced Dental Implant Center-affiliated doctors have the ability to continue to shape their legacy beyond serving patients inside their practice.

“We help support dentists working toward their next phase, whatever that looks like for them, which can include serving as a mentor to other implant doctors and sharing their expertise through training events,” explains Dr. Holtzclaw. “The doctors who affiliate with us have been incredibly successful and have built their practices from the ground up. We don’t change what they have created.”

He adds, “Doctors entrust us with their practice, and our team works to help take the practice to the next level, providing financial security for them and their families, and supporting their efforts to grow their legacy in our industry.”

“We are building relationships with doctors that will last well beyond the transaction,” shares Murray. “When you affiliate with Advanced Dental Implant Center, you know who your partners will be for the long haul, because we are backed by a committed investor group, board, and management team with an unparalleled track record. If you are a doctor in the advanced dental implant space, we challenge you to ask yourself: ‘Why would I consider affiliating with anyone else?’ We welcome a transparent conversation so that you can find the right fit for your practice.”


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